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Frequently Asked Questions

Password and Access Issues

How do I get back in to iBank if I've lost my password?
What should I do if my password stops working?
We take care to ensure the privacy and security of your iBank account.  If you are experiencing password and access issues, please contact iBank support.

Why do I have to change my password every six months?
This practice helps to ensure the privacy and security of your iBank account.

Bill Payment Issues

How does my payment get there?
How long does it take to make a payment?
Depending on the person or company you are paying, your payment will either be sent by check or electronically.  Many large companies take electronic payments.  Individuals are sent checks.  It is best to allow 5 to 7 business days for payments to be sent and processed by the person or company you are paying.

I sent a payment but I don't see it in my Current Statement or Current Business Day screens.  What happened to my payment?
iBank payments are not processed immediately after you make them.  All payments are processed in the early evening.  This gives you an opportunity to review you payments and makes changes or even cancel a payment.







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