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Two Bank Employees Honored for Years of Service

Information Security Officer at First National Bank in Trinidad

The Information Security Officer (ISO) enhances the bank’s competence in Information Security by serving as an advisory role and acting as the focal point for security compliance related activities.  Primary responsibility is to safeguard information by ensuring that security risks are identified, assessed and accurately reported and then determine if appropriate controls are in place for the security of information assets.  Additionally, the ISO is charged with ensuring procedures and activities comply with regulatory requirements and policies, procedures, guidelines and standards.  The position also provides basic IT support for end-user computers, peripherals, operating systems and applications.

Other Responsibilities

  • Further knowledge and skills through ISO education resources
  • Stay current with developments in IT security standards and threats
  • Identify vulnerabilities in the physical and IT environment
  • Maintain the comprehensive plan to secure all information assets
  • Perform or oversee vulnerability assessments and penetration tests
  • Collaborate with management and the IT department to improve security
  • Educate colleagues about security software and best practices for information security


  • A strong, perpetual desire to learn and hone relevant skills
  • Demonstrate knowledge of Information Technology and Information Security risk
  • Openly share your knowledge with the team
  • Be quick to respond to requests for service from all of your colleagues
  • Inherently act with a high level of integrity trustworthiness
  • Approachable due to excellent interpersonal skills
  • Effective, intelligible written and verbal communication
  • Able to take action in difficult and challenging situations and deal with uncertainty

To apply, please visit our employment page and fill out the contact form.

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