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Since 1875, The First National Bank in Trinidad has been a part of the Trinidad community, and a great number of dedicated employees have come and gone over the years, many having been with the Bank for 20-plus years.  This is a testimony to management and the pleasant work environment its employees and customers enjoy.

After twenty-two and a half years, Mrs. Lewana Mangino has retired from the The First National Bank in Trinidad.  She began her career on December 4, 2001.  She started in the proof department where she worked for five years, and then she moved into the bookkeeping department where she has worked for the past seventeen-and-a half years.  Prior to working for the Bank, Lewana worked for Chef Liu’s Chinese Restaurant for five years.  She and her husband, Tim, have four children, seven grandchildren and one great-grandchild.  Upon retirement, Lewana is looking forward to spending more time with her grandchildren, cooking and enjoying family meals together.

Lewana says, “My 22-year career with the Bank has been enjoyable.  It always felt like one big family – and family is my favorite thing!  First National has been so good to me!  There’s not a better company to work for in this community, and I am grateful for the years I’ve been able to work for such a wonderful organization.”

Mrs. Mangino’s retirement was celebrated at an employee luncheon on Thursday, June 27, 2024 when she received a gift in appreciation of her many years of service.

When it comes to strength, stability and longevity, First National has stood the test of time through generations of change.   Its dedicated employees are an asset in achieving the goal of being the best at serving the community and Mrs. Mangino was one of those employees who exemplified good customer service. 

Lewana Mangino

Photos courtesy Steve Wharton Photography.
Lewana Mangino