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As of March 2024, J. Ed Eisemann, IV passed a 50-year milestone working for The First National Bank in Trinidad, serving the last 43 years as Chairman of the Board and the last 17 years as Chief Executive Officer. Eisemann joined the Bank after receiving business and law degrees from the University of Texas at Austin and is retired from the U.S. Army. Considering the Bank will be celebrating its 150th anniversary a year from now, Eisemann has managed the Bank for over one third of its existence.

His family purchased the Bank in 1960 and his father, J. Ed Eisemann, III, began serving as Chairman of the Board. His mother, Catherine G. Eisemann, was elected as President of the Holding Company in 1981 and served on the Board of Directors for 43 years before her passing in 2007. The legacy and culture of the Bank started by Mr. & Mrs. Eisemann have been carried forward by their son in his management style. The countless number of employees who have worked for the Bank for over 20 years is a testimony to the pleasant work environment that they created and he maintains.

Mr. Eisemann shared his thoughts about his part in leading the Bank through the changes over the years, “Community banking is our product and it is still a worthwhile part of the banking industry. Even though the world has outgrown smaller banks for the most part – we are essential to rural markets with our willingness to cater to the needs of the community we know so well. We are a declining number, but it is our hope to continue to do what we do, well into the future.”

Eisemann’s interests include building and riding motorcycles working out and reading military history of the 20th century. He has been a member of the Trinidad Rotary Club for almost 40 years. Serving the community on a personal level only mirrors his commitment to the community through programs sponsored by The Bank First National Bank in Trinidad.

Mr. Eisemann was recognized for 50 years of dedication and service at a luncheon recently held in his honor where the Board of Directors, Officers and Bank employees gave him a gift in appreciation of his years of service. First National has stood the test of time through the last five decades of change, largely due to Mr. Eisemann, whose primary goal has been serving the community and providing excellence in customer service.

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J. Ed Eisemann, IV