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Protect Yourself from Fraud with iCard FNB Card Manager

Being in control of your cards has never been more important with consumers conducting fewer in-store and in‑person transactions.  Online purchases are on the rise, and protecting your money has become even more challenging.  Regardless of your spending habits and preferences, there is little doubt that fraud continues to grow, and you need to remain on-guard.

It has never been more important to use a safe and convenient card manager to protect your money, whenever and wherever you transact.

That is why we want to tell you about the value of iCard FNB Card Manager, a card control app that allows you to protect your First National Bank in Trinidad VISA debit card accounts.  With iCard – FNB Card Manager you can manage your money and take charge of your card usage.

iCard FNB Card Manager gives you increased peace-of-mind that will help you fight fraud by letting you:

  • Turn your card “on” or “off” -- keep your card “on” to make a purchase, or turn it “off” if it is misplaced or stolen
  • Receive real-time alerts for your card transactions
  • Monitor and control your card usage

Other popular iCard FNB Card Manager features:

  • Review and control purchases and access your individual transaction details
  • Set location controls where your card can be used via regional map-controlled geo-locating capabilities
  • Set spending limits to manage your budget
  • Control your card usage by identifying merchant types so you can categorize and track your purchases
  • Set local or regional travel parameters to reduce the risk of declined transactions when you’re traveling or touring
  • Locate ATMs
  • Change passwords
  • Contact us directly

iCard – FNB Card Manager is part of the digital revolution of financial services.  We know that debit cards are vital to you.  Our programs are designed to deliver the convenience you need to manage your accounts when and how it suits you.  iCard – FNB Card Manager is a key ingredient to enable you to safeguard your money and monitor spending.

iCard – FNB Card Manager is also built to easily expand to provide you with total card management capabilities.  As the app evolves, upcoming versions will focus on providing you with flexibility, simplicity, security and control.

Fraud threats, card misuse and data breaches are not going away.  By arming yourself with iCard – FNB Card Manager, you can stay safe by reducing your risk of fraud exposure.

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