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Just over 85 Trinidad merchants participated in this year’s Safe Trick-or-Treats for Kids on Friday,

October 28th from 3 to 5 p.m. Participating businesses also took place in voting for their favorite costumes for the costume contest sponsored by The First National Bank in Trinidad. Each participating merchant was given 10 “voting tokens” to award to their favorite costumed trick-or-treaters as they visited their establishments. Trick-or-treaters who received tokens returned to The First National Bank lobby at 5 p.m. for a tally of the “votes”. The top four costume contest winners received prizes donated by local businesses which included an award ribbon, free swim passes to Raton Regional Aquatic Center, Tri Peaks Theatre movie passes, McDonald’s gift cards, free ice cream cone coupons from Sonic, gift cards from TLC Realty, gift certificates from Tequilas Restaurant, savings bonds sponsored by Keller Williams, gift cards from Colorado Land and Properties, along with other toys and prizes sponsored by The First National Bank in Trinidad.

First place winners were eleven and six-year-old sisters, Maridell and Emma Graves, who were dressed as two old ladies “Rita and Rhonda.” Tied for second place were sixteen-year-old Kaleb McCorkle, who was dressed as pumpkin man, and nine-year-old Azerijah Gonzales who was dressed as a fortune teller. Third place winner was nine-year-old Julian Garcia, who was dressed as Catrin. Kids and businesses alike had a wonderful time celebrating a safe Halloween – a standing tradition in Trinidad and a gift to the community from the merchants. The First National Bank in Trinidad would like to give a special ‘thank you’ to all who participated and to the City of Trinidad and Trinidad Police Department for closing Main and Commercial Streets and patrolling to ensure a safe afternoon for everyone.

Photos courtesy Steve Wharton Photography


First Place Winners: Maridell and Emma Graves who were dressed as two old ladies, “Rita and Rhonda.”


Tied for Second Place: Kaleb McCorkle was dressed as pumpkin man.


Tied for Second Place: Azerijah Gonzales was dressed as a fortune teller.


Third Place: Julian Garica was dressed as Catrin.