SPECIAL NOTICE TO SAVINGS ACCOUNT CUSTOMERS: To provide relief from the financial events associated with COVID-19, we have suspended the enforcement of the six transfer limit on savings accounts, allowing our customers an unlimited number of convenient transfers and withdrawals from their savings account. This temporary suspension of this limitation will be in force for six months beginning April 30, 2020. Savings withdrawal fees over six transactions still apply.


The First National Bank in Trinidad is here to help as you begin your new life as a graduate.

Make your first year after graduation easier with our Graduation Package!

FREE Personal Checking Account,

FREE VISA Debit Card, and

FREE iBank mobile banking


This includes:

- Mobile Deposit

- Unlimited Mobile Bill Pay

- Android/Apple Pay

- Account-to-Account Transfers

- Access to all Account Activity

All for FREE* for one year!

Whether you’re headed off to college, or starting a new job, take your hometown bank with you. Just stop by any of our convenient branch locations in Trinidad, Walsenburg or Raton to open your new FREE account today!

A gift to you, for a job well done, from The First National Bank in Trinidad, Member FDIC.

*Personalized printed checks and overdraft protection not included. PopMoney fees still apply.