Junior Achievement

First National Partners with Primero School for Junior Achievement Program

 Primero RE-2 School District is taking the financial literacy of its primary grade students very seriously.  Partnering with Junior Achievement USA, a nonprofit organization financed by businesses, foundations, government and individuals, they are offering a six-week program for students grades K-5.  The program educates students about entrepreneurship, work readiness, and financial literacy through hands-on programs designed to help young people understand the economics of life. In partnership with businesses and educators, Junior Achievement brings the real world to students, opening their minds to their potential.

This six-week program is taught by local business people and community members who volunteer their time to teach the curriculum provided by Junior Achievement.  Mrs. Tina East, Administrative Assistant for the Primero School District, has volunteered to teach Mrs. Hill’s kindergarten class, which focuses on the role people play in an economy and emphasizing the importance of individual choices, money, saving and giving, and the value of work.  

Ms. Chris Egland, Vice President and Marketing Officer with The First National Bank in Trinidad, is teaching Ms. Denise Fernandez’s first grade class about needs and wants and how that translates into goods and services.  They learn financial decision-making skills, and about different people within the community, the jobs they have and how they interact and rely on one another.

Ms. Claudine Gonzales, a local community member, is teaching Mrs. Duran’s second grade students information about businesses, the many jobs businesses offer in a community, exploring production methods, and learning about taxes, decision making, and how money flows in an economy.  

Ms. Kristen Alfonso, Assistant Business Manager for the Primero School District, is teaching Mrs. Jamie Odum’s third grade students about how people manage their money and the importance of economic exchange within a city.

Mrs. Lorri Arnhold from Colorado State University Extension is teaching Mrs. Holly Massarotti’s fourth grade students about entrepreneurship and how entrepreneurs use resources to produce goods and services in a region. Students develop an understanding of business operations in relation to fundamental tasks performed by business owners and tracking revenue and expenses of a business.

Ms. Diana Sanchez, Vice President and Loan Officer with The First National Bank in Trinidad, is teaching Mrs. Roxann Fernandez’s fifth grade class about the importance of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) as it applies to employees’ needs to meet the demands of the 21st Century job market, particularly high-growth, high-demand jobs.

Mr. Blake Byall, Primero School Principal, says, “This is the 11th year that Primero School District has partnered with Junior Achievement to provide this specialized financial education program.  We believe that Junior Achievement is committed to developing and implementing programs designed to help students acquire the knowledge and economic reasoning skills to make sound financial decisions.  Our teachers like this program because it supports social studies, business, economics, reading, writing, and mathematics standards.” To learn more about Junior Achievement, and what Primero RE-2 School District primary grade students are learning, visit www.juniorachievement.org.

Kindergarten Class:

JA Kindergarten Class

Front row (left to right): Ignatius Ward, Sheron Montoya, Trinity Johnson, Aryanna Hicks

Back row – students (left to right): Elizabeth Ryan, Eisus Maes, Aerial Chedsey, Magaly Pancho Dominguez, Jacob Dolberg, Angelus Booth, Malcom Lamorie

Back row – adults (left to right): Mrs. Hill (K-Teacher), Mrs. East (JA Volunteer), Mrs. Mangino (K-Paraeducator)

1st Grade Class:

JA 1st Grade Class

Front row (left to right): Michelle Rivera, Efrain Pancho Dominguez, Kylie Hayley, Maliah Duran, Danni Barth

Back row (left to right): Serenity Rael, Ms. Chris Egland (JA Volunteer), Khloe Harris, Micah Lankford, Meah Gerena

2nd Grade Class:

JA 2nd Grade Class

Front row (left to right): Joseph Chedsey, Ariyah Pantazes, Legna Lucero, Kayden Olguin, Mickalena Rocha

Back row (left to right): Sylar Booth, Harlem Cooley, Sahara Martinez, Jake Currier, Ms. Cladine Gonzales (JA Volunteer), Zeihnyeall Gonzales, Riley Rodman

3rd Grade Class:

JA 3rd Grade Class

Front row (left to right): Sadey Armstrong, Addyson Dunlap, Brooke Gollaher, Alexa Maldonado, Ryleigh Poole

Back row (left to right): Abram Dominguez, Bailee Gollaher, Tristen Holt, Jeremiah Montoya, Angelyssa Susco, Tevin Van Der Platt, Ms. Kristen Alfonso (JA Volunteer)

4th Grade Class:

JA 4th Grade Class

Front row (left to right): Jacob Trancoso, Liam Lopez, Peyton Mattie, Taden Lopez

Middle row (left to right): Lauren Smith, Diana Acuna, Allensia Brokaw, Kei Covey, Jeremy Barth, Aiyana Borja, Kourtney Trujillo, Ms. Lorri Arnhold (JA Volunteer)

Back row (left to right): Bobby Donohue, Shania Valdez, Oliver Foote, Autumn Fields, Nicholas Morales, Aubrey Blair, Johnny Dochter Rivera, Reannon Ferraro

5th Grade Class:

JA 5th Grade Class

Front row (left to right):  Margie Martinez, Carissa Shaffer, Luis Mejia, Joshua Pachorek, Eddie Trancoso

Middle row (left to right):  Orion Boyd, Akasha Graf, Isabela Shew, Harley Griego, Riley Monarco, Dustin Keeth

Back Row (left to right):   Jakob Diemer, Giada Moltrer, Bayley Rodman, Jocelyn Rivera, Brooklyn Cooley, Isabela Maldonado, Murphy Sanders, Ms. Diana Sanchez (JA Volunteer)