SPECIAL NOTICE TO SAVINGS ACCOUNT CUSTOMERS: To provide relief from the financial events associated with COVID-19, we have suspended the enforcement of the six transfer limit on savings accounts, allowing our customers an unlimited number of convenient transfers and withdrawals from their savings account. This temporary suspension of this limitation will be in force for six months beginning April 30, 2020. Savings withdrawal fees over six transactions still apply.

Statement of Condition

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Statement of Condition

At the close of business - June 30, 2020
 Cash and non-interest bearing balances due from banks       $4,186,000
 Interest-bearing balances  $33,656,000
 Held-to-maturity securities  $2,501,000
 Available-for-sale securities  $79,096,000
 Federal funds sold  $0
 Total Cash Resources $119,439,000


Loans $95,544,000
     Less: Allowance for loan losses                         $1,676,000
     Loans: Net of allowance $93,868,000
Accrued income $598,000
Bank building, furniture & parking lot $9,857,000
Other assets $8,675,000
Other real estate $793,000
Total Assets $233,230,000


Deposits                                                             $202,715,000
     Noninterest-bearing  $63,100,000
     Interest-bearing $139,615,000
Federal Funds Purchased $0
Other liabilities $168,000
 Total Liabilities   $202,883,000


Common stock                                                                  $400,000
Surplus  $400,000
Undivided profit  $25,128,000
     Net unrealized gains (losses) on available-for-sale securities $4,419,000
   Total Equity Capital   $30,347,000
   Total Liabilities & Equity Capital