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Savings / Club Accounts

Saving is so easy!
Good old fashioned savings account with ATM Card
and Internet Banking options.
Minimum Deposit


Interest Rate


*Annual Percentage Yield. No minimum balance to obtain APY.
Rates subject to change. Fees could reduce earnings on this account.
Take your Christmas Club on Vacation!
Whether you want to save up for the holidays, or put some money aside for summer vacation, we have some great options for you! Savings clubs earn .25% interest (.25% APY*) compounded at maturity. They run for 50 weeks and can be started any time, though most Vacation clubs are started in May and most Christmas clubs are started in October.
Weekly investment

Total Savings

$150. + interest
$250. + interest
$500. + interest
$1000. + interest
Open with a coupon book or have it taken out of your checking or savings account automatically
*Annual Percentage Yield. If you close the account before the end of the term you forfeit your interest. No minimum balance to obtain APY.

FDIC Insurance and what it
means to you!
Your deposits with us are protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Want to know just exactly how you are covered? Use this helpful tool from FDIC.