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First News Winter 2006

The Best Antiques are Old Friends

   Discovering hard-to-find items isn’t difficult when you know where to look. The Heirloom Shop, situated on Raton’s beautiful historic First Street, holds a collection of antiques and collectibles that fascinate seekers of unique merchandise. If you’re hunting for special items named and used between the 1880s and 1950s, you’ll likely find them there. Hattie Sloan and daughter, Cathy Naylor, opened the shop 20 years ago with the goal of keeping the history of the Raton-Trinidad area alive by creating a collection of items used in the daily lives of the people who once lived here. Today the shop is bursting with relics and artifacts that attract collectors and curiosity shoppers from all over the country. “Our slogan is ‘The best antiques are old friends’,” says Cathy. “We strive to create an atmosphere of small town friendliness in the shop. Many of our customers come back repeatedly and truly have become old friends.”

The Heirloom Shop

Harriet "Hattie" Sloan & Cathy Naylor

   Packed with colorful merchandise, the shop is a regular stop for collectors wanting to decorate their homes, historians interested in authentic area pieces, and antique dealers searching for items that are no longer easy to find. The selection is as diverse as the people who once used them, all tastefully arranged for easy browsing. Hattie points out, “People love to bring the past into their homes and make it look special.” A constantly shifting inventory typically includes antique and collectible china, silver and glassware, estate and Indian jewelry, books and ephemeral, vintage clothing, kitchenware, advertising, toys, and folk art. Furniture pieces range from primitive to the refined. This shop is the proud owner of the region’s largest collection of original historic maps of the Maxwell Land Grant. These maps date from 1889 and are considered to be the most detailed topography of New Mexico from that time period. There are also numerous pieces of artwork depicting the creative style of the Southwest during the last century, as well as a fine collection of contemporary Hispanic religious folk art.

   “The merchandise really does reveal the history of the area,” says Cathy. “We’re constantly surprised at how much interest there is in the history of the Southwest.” She tells of buyers from as far away as Pennsylvania and Massachusetts seeking merchandise for private collections and museums, and the merchandise fascinates many international tourists passing through Raton, the likes of which they’ve never seen before. Hattie says it’s not only the selection she and Cathy offer that draws visitors, but the region itself holds a certain mystique that interests many people. “They think it’s romantic; they’re intrigued by the fact we’re on the Santa Fe Trail and that Raton is the home of real cowboys.” Cathy adds, “We’ve had our share of shootings and hangings and land wars here. The items we sell were all part of that history, and now people are taking them home.” The Heirloom Shop is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

The Heirloom Shop
132 S. First Street
Raton NM 87740
(505) 445-8876


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