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First News Summer 2007

Linda’s Laundry, "Clean and Friendly, Just for You"

   One day in the late summer of 2005, Linda Myers and Michael Hughes got the notion that Trinidad might need an updated laundromat. After looking into the situation, Michael decided that the best plan would be to build a brand new facility. "When we began designing Linda’s Laundry," Michael said, "I realized that Linda did not want an ordinary 'all-in-a-line' style laundromat. Linda wanted a laundromat that made you feel like you were doing your laundry at home." Linda added, "Everyone should have their own space so your laundry is not scattered all over the laundromat and winds up getting lost!" Michael soon discovered there is good reason why a typical laundromat is the 'all-in-a-line' style. Linda's plan was going to require six water and drain lines instead of one, eight separate power boxes instead of two, and three times the length of gas piping of a normal laundromat. Adding four separate work spaces and access to these spaces, an office, a mop room, a vending area, and an ADA compliant bathroom was going to require a huge building! Of course, we also need a big parking lot.

   Michael went in search of a likely site. A perfect location, hidden in plain sight, suddenly appeared right on the historic Santa Fe Trail. A piece of land, ignored for decades, was for sale, featuring a magnificent view with only one wall remaining of a building in ruins. After making arrangements with the City of Trinidad Planning Department and subsequent approval by Trinidad City Council, construction began May 2006.

   Linda's plan provides everyone with their own comfortable workspace. The laundry is organized into four different bays, each with its own large worktable and chairs. Each bay has a different assortment of washer sizes so that almost any laundry chore, from work clothes and comforters, to small loads and many loads that need to be separated, can all be done within one bay. "That way," said Linda, "people can keep track of their laundry and not only have a place to fold their clothes, but a place to sit and read or write, entertain the kids, or just talk or watch the TV. Doing laundry is a chore. We try to make that chore as easy, quick and comfortable as possible." With 31 washers and 32 dryers, there is never any waiting to get your laundry done.

   On January 19, 2007, Linda and Michael opened the fancy automatic double doors to the first customers. Last May, Linda's Laundry launched a drop-off service because, "Lots of folks work long hours and don't care to spend their precious time off doing their laundry," explains Linda.

   "When we moved from the east coast to the rural area outside Trinidad about 15 years ago," explains Michael, "and realized the water issues here in the West, our ideas about laundry changed. It made more sense to use a laundromat than to own a washer and buy the water to run it." Linda added, "In less than two hours at a laundromat, you can get all your laundry done at once instead of constantly tending to small loads at home all day long." "I think of a laundromat as a public health service," said Michael. "Everyone who uses the laundromat contributes to the maintenance of this commercial quality, energy- efficient equipment. Also, the utility costs are shared by all the customers, leading to a much more efficient and environmentally conscientious use of water, sewer, power and gas resources. At the laundromat it costs less than 20 cents a pound to wash and dry laundry. In the rural areas, the costs to buy and maintain laundry equipment plus the cost of water, electricity and gas can make a laundromat a great bargain!"

   Linda and Michael would like to express a big thanks to the City of Trinidad utility crews who provided everything the laundry needed on time and on budget! Last but not least, Michael and Linda would like to thank the many local businesses and contractors for their contributions to the establishment of Linda's Laundry.

Linda's Laundry
1410 Santa Fe Trail
Trinidad, CO  81082

Open 8-8 7 days


Newsletter photography by Michael Babnick Photography

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