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First News Spring 2005

New Home: La Veta
Building in the Future

   Jumbo bricks are here! For decades, European builders have enjoyed the ease and benefit of these extruded clay building blocks. This advanced building system product is now available to area contractors, architects, and home owners from American Eurobuild, Inc. Launched by high school friends Scott Davis and Robert Baxley, American Eurobuild seeks to revolutionize building in the Southwest. “We see great potential in the Southwest for jumbo bricks. The traditional adobe style of architecture which is so popular here lends itself beautifully to our product,” explains Davis.

   “The beauty of the jumbo brick lies in its shape. The bricks are extruded in a honeycomb pattern that traps insulating air, and provides load-dispersing structural integrity. The bricks are planed, top and bottom, and have tongue and groove butt ends allowing for rapid and accurate assembly even by unskilled workers,” adds Baxley.

American Eurobuild, Inc. - Bob Baxley and Scott Davis

   A thin slurry of mortar is all that’s required to bind each course to the previous. Once the first course is set in traditional mortar, all subsequent courses are simply dipped and stacked. Once stacked, a jumbo brick wall is finished with two coats of stucco on the outside, and two of plaster on the inside. No paper or lathe is required, as the faces are keyed to accept this application. The brick provides R31 insulation yet remains breathable. Jumbo bricks will never mold, off-gas, rot, or be attacked by termites. A jumbo brick home is highly resistant to fire, ecologically sound, can last for hundreds of years and is price-competitive with other building methods.
Mr. Davis first encountered jumbo brick while working as a mason in Austria. This system is the standard in much of Europe. Once back in the States, Davis perceived a demand for the product locally, so he enlisted the assistance of Mr. Baxley who has twelve years of business experience in the area as a restaurant owner. Their 23-year friendship makes for a great working relationship, and some very old jokes. It’s their desire to create a market for jumbo bricks that will justify the eventual manufacturing of the product right here in southern Colorado.


American Eurobuild, Inc.
P.O. Box 462
La Veta, CO 81055
(719) 742-3966


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