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First News Fall 2010

Stories of a Lifetime

   What does a college/high school English teacher do after retirement? Like most retirees, Vivian Price decided to pursue her long-forgotten hobby. "While going through a couple of boxes I had when my husband and I moved here, I found some manuscripts written when we lived in Michigan. After sorting through them, I found several books and short stories to transcribe on my computer and prepare for publication." Instead of paying to have them published, Vivian decided to publish them herself and OhlmBooks Publications was formed. Self-employment is nothing new to her. Before moving to Colorado, she was in business making Revolutionary and Civil War uniforms and costumes for re-enactors. In the process of setting up her business, Vivian found the best way to sell books was on-line. With help from the staff at the Spanish Peaks District Library in Walsenburg, she was able to set up her store. "I could keep my books in print, sell them in hard copy, CD's, floppy disc, e-mail, or by mail order." Over the years, Vivian managed to write in several genres. Her first non-fiction work was a research paper done for a Colorado history course, If These Walls Could Talk, History of the Old Huerfano County Jail in Walsenburg. At that time, the Walsenburg Museum was moving to the old jail and visitors were asking for a history of the jail. She turned her paper into a booklet and the museum still sells it along with another work she published, A Collection of Short Stories by Annie Garrett and Jay Lee, which contain some of their family anecdotes, experiences living in Colorado, Oklahoma, California, Michigan, and some fiction. Most of the stories are suitable for children.

   Vivian explains, "My fiction books are generally romances, science fiction, futuristic, with some mystery and humor. The romance is non-graphic, and suitable for older teens to mature adult. With a wide variety of experiences from travel to theatre, I had no trouble finding material to fill my books. Besides, Colorado is a great place for inspiration, and my husband and I are glad we live here."

OhlmBooks Publications
P.O. Box 125
Walsenburg, CO 81089
(719) 248-8398



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