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First News Fall 2008

Just Like Home

   Colfax Senior Care Assisted Living is an adult residential care facility fully licensed by the State of New Mexico. The facility provides a true home environment for up to three senior adults needing either short-term or long-term assistance. As many seniors today are in a position to make choices concerning their care and living situation, this home offers a unique housing opportunity. Residents of this facility are assisted in maintaining an active and self-sufficient lifestyle through their program and services.

   Owner and operator, Debbie Gabriele, brings 25 years experience in health care and management, and 12 of those years working in management of facilities offering residential care to the elderly. She is licensed as a Nursing Facility Administrator in Texas and New Mexico and holds a Bachelor's degree from Texas A & M University and an M.B.A. from Texas Woman’s University. Her service-oriented approach to elder care and understanding of the challenges faced by families during this difficult time will bring comfort and reassurance to clients and their families. Debbie says, "The positive characteristics of the Colfax County area and its reputation as a retirement community has created a need for the services of an adult residential home. This facility offers a unique benefit to this area, as families now have a choice in the care of their loved ones. We are very excited to be the first ones in this area to offer these services. The response has been outstanding and we anticipate expansion as early as next year."
   The program features 24 hours each day of companionship and assistance. Clients are senior adults who choose to no longer live at home alone, but are seeking an option other than admission to the institutionalized environment of the nursing home. One of the advantages of this home is the highly personalized service package including a private room and 3:1 client: caregiver ratio, which assures that clients have full choice in their daily schedule and activities. The day-to-day activities of the home revolve around the choices and desires of the residents. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are prepared and served for each individual resident whenever they wish. All meals are of the resident's choosing and may be taken either in the client's private room or in the home's dining room. In addition, the kitchen is available to residents at all times.

   While there are planned social and recreational activities and outings, each day is spent however each resident chooses. Assistance is close by at all times. In addition, the facility offers a full range of housekeeping and laundry services.
   Caregivers offer assistance with personal hygiene and assist with medication management. Trips to appointments, special occasions, dining out and shopping are arranged and handled by staff.
   One of the biggest challenges facing our health care industry today is the lack of screening of caregivers. The impact of this oversight on this very vulnerable population is cause for great concern for our clients. Management at Colfax Senior Care believes that their clients deserve to know that the person giving care is in no way impaired and does not have a criminal history. Therefore, it is the policy of this company to fully screen for criminal history and illegal drug use both on-hire and also randomly. There is a no-tolerance policy for drug or alcohol use and the facility will terminate immediately any employee found guilty of such activity. They are the only health care provider in this area to use random drug testing to ensure a non-impaired workforce. "As you can see, providing choices is an important part of who we are. Combined with safety, peace of mind and dignity, it is what drives us in our mission to be the best at what we do." says Mrs. Gabriele.

Colfax Senior Care
Assisted Living

262 Francis Ave.
Raton, NM 87740
(575) 445-3820

Newsletter photography by Michael Babnick Photography

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