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To cancel a lost or stolen debit card call:

VISA Check Card

Looks like a credit card...
works like a check.

It's a checkbook and an ATM card all rolled into one!

Bank Card
  • Easy to Use
  • Amazing Convenience!
  • NO Annual Fee
  • NO Transaction Costs
  • Accepted wherever Visa is welcomed
  • An Ideal Companion to our iBank Internet Banking

How it Works:  Use it to make purchases from your checking account without writing a check. Simply, present a Check Card to any Visa merchant, sign the receipt, take the customer copy, and record the purchase in your check register.

The amount of your purchase is deducted from your checking account within 1 to 3 days, just like a check.
Your regular monthly statement will provide a full description of each transaction detailing the amount, along with the merchant's name, and location.

ATM Option:  Use it as an ATM card. The Check Card will allow you quick access to your checking account. Get cash, make deposits, or review an account balance.

The Check Card is accepted at ATMs everywhere.

iBank Companion:  The Check Card and iBank seem made for each other. Just a few days after making a purchase you can see the transaction right on your computer screen detailing the amount, the merchant's name and your account balance.

Stop by our offices in Trinidad or Walsenburg to apply for a Check Card. Otherwise, phone us for a brief explanation guide and application form to be returned by mail. It's that easy! The Check Card ... it's a new way to bank!


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